Milling arm to machine stones

To mill, drill and grind monuments, kitchen boards, and washing tables.

The BR100-F grinding and milling arm is a high-performance and universal machine. It can be used to grind and polish flat surfaces, lateral faces and edges. The next items that can be made are drip grooves or it is possible to polish the cut-outs for wash basins or make kitchen boards. Universal application with various types of tools for grinding, polishing or drilling holes. Also miscellaneous aids and holders for clamping to the table are available.


- lateral grinding unit
- high-speed spindle for up to 18.000 rpm
- individual working tools

  • The grinding and milling arm in column version
  • Spindle operating range 2x 1150 mm with a fixed hydraulic lock (the lock is necessary, for example, when drilling)
  • The pneumatic compression device operating through the movement of pivots for the arc or profile milling as well as for face grinding
  • Pick-up roller of 160 mm in diameter in the bottom part
  • Good viewing angle to the tool
  • Pneumatic movement of the grinding and milling spindle for surface grinding as well as for the attainment of spindle oscillation motion when roller tools are used for milling and grinding or with effective application of a shank cutter
  • The movement under the stroke is delimitated by the adjustable limit switches
  • The mechanical setting fixture allows precise feed downwards necessary when the bell-type milling cutters are used for drip tray milling
  • The 7.8 kW driving engine is equipped with continuous speed control system to allow the speed from 190 - 2.550 rpm on the working shaft
  • The height on the column is set to 870 mm (by engine) and the height on the grinding shaft to 120 mm (pneumatically)
  • The height of the guide handle is adjustable so it can be adapted in the optimum manner. The bottom part of the column and adjustable spindle is fitted with a folding guard
  • Central coolant supply as well as additional coolant supply from outside through a flexible tube – e.g. for the shank cutter application – are available for grinding and milling
  • Further coolant connector and additional compressed air supply are installed
  • BR100F
  • BR100F
  • BR100F