PSK 20-150

Face grinder for face grinding of a thickness from 2 cm to 15 cm

To machine the marble and granite edges of a thickness of 2-15 cm.
The main features of the PSK automatic edge grinder with a maximum of 6 planetary grinding units is a robust and stable (non-vibrating) structure and wear resistant longitudinal guideway. The grinding and milling units are installed in a modular system. The sensing device monitors the workpiece edge length that is used as a basis for setting of the automatic machining cycle.

Control system with operation panel and display for setting the data. Memorization capacity for the standard edge grinding and milling programs.

Guide bed with optimum grinding car guideway for quiet operation and precise grinding. The car guideway and guideway path for the grinding car are wear resistant.

The continuously adjustable feed of the grinding car is 0 - 3 m/min - rapid operation is 8 m/min max.
The grinding pressure can be set for each grinding slide rest using the manual control. Thus, the problems related with diamond tool application are reduced.

Coolant supply for individual slide rests under grinding takes place automatically by switching on and off.
The table size is 3200 x 750 mm, it is lined with new rubber, lifting roller bars movable in all directions (6 pcs) are integrated in the table in a manner transverse to the table, the spacing between rollers 400 mm, pneumatically lifting, deflectable stop bar.

Edge grinding and edge chamfering

Continuous grinding for the folding and chamfering units that follow consequently in the common simple operation. The chamfering units with mechanical fastening at the discharge and stroke beyond the edge for perfect edge chamfering. Continuous grinding is followed by rapid run-return of the grinding car.

Continuous consecutive edge and chamfer grinding can be implemented at various speeds. Chamfering force depends on speed.

Individual grinding programs allow optional setting of the number of repeated grinding cycles.
Automatic monitoring of edge length and possibility of relevant size correction for mounting and stroke of individual grinding units.

Grinding procedure programming on the operation panel display. Memorization capacity of various recallable input masks for re-programmed grinding programs.

  • PSK 20-150
  • PSK 20-150
  • PSK 20-150