Carbo 4

Cut-off saw for fast and precise cuts

The Carbo 4 stable saw is designed for processing of natural materials (granite, marble, sandstone, teracco) using a tool of a diameter from 350 mm to 400 mm.

The machine is equipped as required by the customer. Manual tool feed with optional spindle orientation setting of 0-45°. High cutting precision and machine service life are guaranteed by the structure of highly rigid steel profiles that ensures maximum tool stability during cutting, high performance, and reduced noise level. Consequent costs for additional machining such as, for example, grinding, are reduced to a minimum.

  • Optional slide rest tilting from 0° to 47° for angular cut
  • Manual/motor in-feed
  • Roller table
  • Bearing strip with two adjustable stops
  • Carbo 4
  • Carbo 4
  • Carbo 4